Do we know each other?

Hello, I’m David Tal, and I invite you to my world.
How many times you got disappointed from hair stylist?
How many times they simply did not understand what you want?
How many times have you left the salon with gorgeous hair but then at home it was a disaster ?
I invite you to have a service and professionalism you did not know.

My love and my profession is hair!
I specialize in hair design for long time now and my specialty is making you happy.
It is very important to me that you will leave my salon with a stunning hair but it is more important to me that your hair will be beautiful all month. I belive that our hair is like a crown, and when he’s not nice, it really does not matter what you wear, or how you put your makeup.
I always work with the highest quality materials and using current technologies .
I invite you to an introductory meeting with me, during the meeting I will advise  you how could I design your hair
I promise to you –  it will be interesting.